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3.3.2024 00:00

Virolahti - Ilomantsi - Kuusamo - Nuorgam

Skiing across Finland 3.3. - 4.4.2024 (in finnish: Hiihtaen halki Suomen, HHS)

World's longest guided skitrek 

Entries are now open (full and partial tours). Entries at the bottom of this page.

After years of Covid19 we are pleased to inform 10th HHS skitrek shall be organised next winter. Event shall be organised in co-operation with PWT-Urheilumatkat Oy (sport travel agency) & Sulkavan Soutu- ja Hiihtoretket Oy (organiser of earlier HHS events).

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Hiihtäen Halki Suomen (HHS) is the world's longest guided skiing trek. It lasts 34 days and is about 1,800 km long.  Daily journeys are about 57 km on average, varying from 40 to 80 km.

The trek is skied in classic cross-country style. The tracks go mostly along snow mobile routes but in some places municipal skiing tracks can be used. New tracks will also be opened for the trekkers when needed.

The route goes mostly through peaceful forests but also through inhabited areas and even town centres. It also crosses uninhabited wildnesses quite close to the Russian border, wide frozen lakes, and in the very north, the treeless mountains of Lapland.

Varying weather conditions from snow storms to glaring sunshine, from freezing temperatures to the warmth of the springtime sun; these are the extra flavourings of the trek.

Full tour or partial tour

You can participate in the trek by doing the whole journey in one go or by skiing the section(s) that suits you best. See daily program here below.
Persons skiing full tour has priority to seats.

Preliminary daily program can be found here.

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A service van follows the skiers during the whole trek carrying all the equipment from one overnight place to the next.
Every participant carries his daily lunch box in a small rucksack.

If you do only a part of the trek the organisers will arrange transport from Joensuu airport to Ilomantsi or Kuusamo airport to Kuusamo.


Accomodation varies: hotels, holiday camps, log cabins in the wilderness and schools. When floor overnight, organiser provides mattresses, but own sheet/blanket/sleeping bag and pillow are required.


Services at overnight places include: sauna (most overnights), a place to wax skis, a solid meal, an evening snack, a solid breakfast, provisions for lunch in a rucksack.


Prices (per person) confirmed 19.11.
* Full tour, 34days: 6700€
* Virolahti - Ilomantsi, 9days: 1950€
* Ilomantsi - Kuusamo, 13days: 2850€
* Kuusamo - Jäämeri, 14days: 3300€
* Virolahti - Kuusamo, 21days: 4400€
* Ilomantsi - Jäämeri, 26days: 5600€

Price includes:
- guiding during the whole journey
- accommodation
- services at overnight places (as described earlier)
- ski track opened up by snow mobile
- service snowmobile following skiers
- transport of equipment in service van
- guidance in waxing skis
- diploma and souvenir for participants who have skied at least one week
- transport from Helsinki airport to Virolahti and from the Arctic Ocean via Nuorgam to Ivalo airport
- transport from Joensuu or Kuusamo airport for those who need it
- enthusiast fellow skiers :)

Skitour shall be invoiced in several steps, due dates as below:
- Booking fee 1500€/1000€ (full/partial tour)
- 10jan middle payment 1700€/800€ (full/partial tour)
- 05feb final invoice, all costs not yet paid

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Waxing by yourself. Organisers provides place to wax (with waxing bench) and waxing tips. Own waxes to be used. Along the route there are few sport shops were more waxes can be purchased. 


Every participant is liable to have an insurance coverage during the tour. We recommend an insurance policy with a travel cancellation coverage.
The organisers are not liable for any accidents during the trek.

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THE TREK WILL BE REALIZED if there are at least 20 participants. More than 30 cannot be admitted.
Organisers inform skiers immediately when minimum amount of entries is reached.


You can find entry link at the bottom of this page.
We sold first full tour seats and now also partial tour entries are open.


We arrange a transfer for participants from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Virolahti (175km, 2h) on Saturday 02mar afternoon.
Info-meeting shall be held in Virolahti after arrival.
On Sunday morning 03mar, we start to ski towards north. 

Last skiday will be Thu 04apr when we reach Arctic Ocean in North (Norway). On Friday 05apr there will be transfer to Ivalo airport and we say goodbye to each other.

More detailed info shall be sent to participants later on, including list of equipments needed.

Service fee 15€/booking.

Cancellation terms:
- If cancelled latest 10jan: cancellation cost is 25%
- If cancelled latest 05feb: cancellation cost 50%
- If cancelled after 05feb: cancellation cost 100%
Cancellation cost is counted of total price of tour entry is made.

Do you need more information in this stage?
Contact us: 

Sulkavan Hiihto- ja Souturetket Oy (Jussi and Paavo):
email: info@hhs-ski.net

PWT-urheilumatkat Oy (Simo):
email: info@pwt.fi
mobile: +358 45 6797940

Welcome to join our unique ski tour!

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We reserve the right to price changes due to a significant change in exchange rates or other reasons beyond our control. We are not responsible for the possible cancellation, postponement (time or place) of the event, errors in the event instructions, etc., any inconveniences or costs the customer might incur. We recommend that you get a comprehensive travel insurance.


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Virolahti - Ilomantsi - Kuusamo - Nuorgam





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