Falling Through The Disappearing Light

Falling through the disappearing light is inspired by the fairytale of The Little Match Girl (1845) by Danish author H.C. Andersen. Without attempting to be a direct reconstruction of his story, the themes of Andersen's work breathe in the background of the work and in its setting, an installation in which five performers take turns to appear and disappear within a realm of shadows and precarious light. 

This interstitial space is drawn around the observers, too, enclosing us all in an awareness of the fleeting essence of human life; evoking the fragility of hope, like glowing embers in a fireplace; and reminding us that if we listen closely, silence is filled with the fates of those who have gone before.

What happens when the last light is gone? 

The work will be presented by an international team of artists from Finland, Germany, New Zealand and Australia, assembled by ABOA grant 2020 recipient and dance artist Maria Nurmela and will be presented in ℅ Rettig's old tobacco factory. 

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Nunnankatu 4
20100 Turku